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Hutterite Food 
Hutterite foods by the Viking Colony are delivered to the store on Wednesday mornings weekly.
If you would like to place a special order please call and place your order on Friday morning's to ensure delivery for Wednesday. Please check out Smokin' Iron Farms on our drop down to see additional items.

We will be expanding our menu please check back frequently.

Pounds will vary per delivery

Viking Colony
All Chicken and Eggs are Free Run
Government Inspected and Governemnt Certified

-Smoked Chicken
-Whole Chicken
-Chicken Breasts
-Chicken Whole Legs
-Chicken leg and thigh meat
-Chicken Tenders
-Chicken Wings
-Hutterite Sausage Coil
-Breakfast Sausage patties

(Now taking Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey orders)
-Smoked Turkey
-fresh garden veggies
5-50 pound bags of Potatoes
 -5 pounds Carrots

Camrose Colony
-Ham (bone in)
-Ham (bone out
-Thick Sliced Bacon
-Back Bacon
-Smoked Brisket
-Lean ground beef
-Ground Pork
-assorted  jerky
-Maui Ribs
-Louisiana Ribs
-Back Ribs
-Smoked Ribs
-Spare Ribs
-German Bratwurst and Weisswurst (gluten free)
-assorted Sandwich meat
-assorted Sausage
-Boneless ready to eat Dry Ribs
-Smoked Tenderloin
-Smoked ready to eat Pork Chops
-Pork Chops
-Soup Bones

Rosa's Kitchen
There are no Preservatives in any of her preserves or baking
-German meat cabbage rolls
-German meat cabbage rolls laying on a bed of sour kraut


-Corn Relish
-Pickled Carrots
-Pickled Beets
-pickled beens
-Pickled Eggs
-Pickled Garlic
-Dill Pickles
-Pickled watermelon
-Assorted Jams


-Banana Bread loaf
-Apple Rubarb Crisp
-Cinnamon Buns
-Apple Pie
-Saskatoon or Blueberry Pie
-Peach Pie
-Individual Pies (upon request)


Special orders are available upon request
Call about other Hutterite produce and products. 

Store phone 780-400-7627