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Hope in Strathcona

At Hope In Strathcona we are focused on providing compassion to the hurting. We want to help you find hope today. We believe that every person is valuable and every life meaningful. We want you to find meaning and thrive in your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  We offer opportunities for healing and personal growth through various programs, resources and counselling.  We provide a safe place for individuals to come and share their pain, share their story while feeling love and support as they journey toward healing. 


We know that when your difficulties seem overwhelming you need immediate help and we are here for you. Don't isolate, talk to someone today. We provide help to individuals and families in our community.  We want you to have what we have; HOPE. Whatever your struggles maybe be, family violence, addictions, depression, grief, anxiety, divorce, lack of community connection...  we are here for you and can work together with other county agencies to get you the best help possible.  We hope to enhance the impact of community organizations in Strathcona County.